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Molecular Biology Centers

EuroGenetica is the first private genetic material analysis unit founded in Northern Greece and operates as a model centre pursuant to international standards.

The company cooperates with renowned scientists that conduct business operations both in Northern Greece and in Athens.

EUROGENETICA S.A. provides services including Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Biochemical Genetics and Genetic Counselling analyses, which offer important information on pathogenesis, development and evolution of various diseases.

The fully trained scientific personnel in combination with the high technology equipment ensure maximum speed and reliability in the provision of the services.

EUROGENETICA S.A. performs, among others, tests pertaining both to prenatal as well as to post-natal genetic testing. These tests pertain to the molecular diagnostics of genetic diseases, analysis of genetic markers (cancer, infertility, etc.), karyotype analysis, molecular control of metabolic diseases, detection and quantification of microorganisms-viruses, thus covering the entire spectrum of genetic diagnostics.