Prepare for labor

What will I need to carry with me?

  • Night gown
  • Underwear (single-use underwear is optional)
  • Nursing bra and pads
  • Personal hygiene items (e.g. toothbrush, shower gel etc.)
  • Clothes to wear when leaving the maternity hospital
  • Clothes for the baby
  • Travel cot for your baby.


Who can escort me?
The mother-to-be can be accompanied in the labour pains - delivery room by one escort (husband or other person of trust). The escort is obligated to wear the appropriate attire that they will receive from the clinic and to comply with the unit’s applicable regulations, as well as with the suggestions of the treating physician.

How will I declare my child?
The declaration of your child’s birth is mandatory for the registration of the birth to the Registry Office. The birth declaration must be filled out in the presence of either parent.

Supporting documents:

  1. Parents’ ID cards.
  2. Marital status certificate issued by the Municipality or the Community where your family record has been opened. If there is an indicative registration of one of the two spouses, a certificate from both Municipalities is required.
  3. Child surname determination deed. (Applicable for marriages that took place after 1983).

       ! Attention: You must produce the original documents.

In order to issue a birth certificate, you must submit the above supporting documents and the declaration of birth, which you will receive from the maternity clinic to the Registry Office within 10 calendar days.

In the event that the child will be insured through the EOPYY, the infant’s AMKA number and his health insurance booklet are required.

When can I get a discharge note?
Usually the hospitalisation period for Natural Childbirth is three (3) days, while if Caesarean Section is performed, the hospitalisation period is four (4) days. You will receive further information from your treating physician.