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Gynaecological Medicine & Obstetrics

The needs of Women’s Health call for medical and nursing staff, but also for facilities meeting the needs of every case with consistency and expertise. From puberty to old age, at the various periods of her life, every woman needs the support, advice or care of specialised gynaecology, obstetrics or fertility physicians and nursing staff.

Euromedica’s gynaecological and obstetric units as well as our specialised assisted reproduction units and diagnostic centres provide high quality care to women, through services related to preventive medicine, treatment or handling of all kinds of medical issues. In a friendly environment, we treat every woman presenting to our units in a warm and professional manner, make her feel safe and reassured.

Our services cover every case: yearly gynaecological check-ups and PAP smear tests, contraception, fertility, pregnancy and delivery, care during menopause, all kinds of ultrasounds, as well as treatment of diseases, from simple gynaecological cases to more complex cases, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer etc.