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Prevention is the best treatment!

Preventive medicine aims at the good health preservation and the possible diseases prevention. By combining a healthy lifestyle with a regular tests' schedule and an appropriate health education, we take the most important step towards a better life, as well as towards the timely diagnosis of a disease. Preventive medicine may include vaccinations, check-ups, laboratory and microbiological tests (blood, urine, cholesterol, sugar, PAP smear test etc.), x-rays and other imaging tests, or other tests.

Euromedica has a broad network of diagnostic centres and clinics, which are fully equipped to cover all kinds of preventive tests or treatments, in cooperation with EOPYY, as well as with all the private insurance companies. Before starting any kind of preventive or therapeutic treatment, we recommend that you contact your physician, who will advise you and guide you to take the appropriate preventive tests.

Appropriate prevention, plus a healthy lifestyle can help avoid 70% of diseases