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Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee

Mr Thomas Liakounakos is the chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee of Euromedica Group, providing strategic direction to the Group’s development actions, with the emphasis being on activities on an international level.

He graduated from a night junior high – high school, as he has been working since the age of 13 at a company in Piraeus. Then, he studied at the Business School of Piraeus, while continuing to be professionally active. With a restless entrepreneurial spirit, he started –at the age of 19– his first business, in the sector of maritime materials, which marked the starting point of his successful business career.

Today, he is the founder of Axon Group, an organisation that operates in wide range of sectors, including Health services, dealerships, publications, software development, financial services, real estate development, as well as water bottling and trading.

In his continuous quest for knowledge, he has attended Harvard Business School’s OPM programme, as well as other Harvard University seminars.

Mr Thomas Liakounakos is an active member of many sectoral associations and a member of the Board of Directors of many organisations:

  • American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  • British – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  • German – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce 
  • Athenian Press Publishers Union 

Moreover, he is a member of the Aegean Team supporting with actions the Association’s contribution to society for improvement of the citizens’ life quality in remote areas of the Aegean Sea.

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