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In the framework of our constant efforts to expand our activities and actively develop our horizons even further, Euromedica Group has capitalized on opportunities that arise for exporting our experience in developing and supporting medical facilities. We can undertake all stages of the development, installation and operation of medical units for third parties. Euromedica’s team of experts can embark on any stage of the project, from design, to construction, to staff selection and recruitment to management.

Mapping, analysis and proposals for the necessary medical infrastructure

Having studied the demographic, social and geographical conditions, climate, dietary habits, hygiene rules and epidemiological parameters, we set up a framework that designates the existing and potential medical needs that lead us to configure the kind and size of necessary infrastructures.


Design Studies

We provide architectural, construction and management studies which can also serve as an autonomous project delivered for realization.


Construction and Refurbishment

Construction and Refurbishment of medical units or individual medical departments (i.e. laboratories, diagnostic units) can be done directly by Euromedica or by a locally based company under the supervision of our expert team.


Medical Doctors and Staff

Euromedica can organize the staffing of medical units with doctors and specialized medical staff that can form the driving force for the establishment of the good fame of a medical facility which is vital, especially in the first years of operation.



Euromedica Group can undertake the maintenance of any unit that provides Healthcare services, since we have extensive experience from our own network of medical units.


Medical unit management

Euromedica can provide human resources and train existing medical personnel towards the effective management of medical facilities.


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