1). Euromedica has highly qualified medical professionals. 

With more than 10,500 doctors, Euromedica’s medical personnel covers all therapeutic areas. Furthermore, Euromedica owns specialized medical units in areas such as ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, rehabilitation, as well as assisted reproduction, with the guarantee of year-long experience and top level expertise of international standards.


2). Euromedica has state-of-the-art medical technology. 

Euromedica invests regularly on the upgrading of its medical equipment, in order to safeguard the top-level quality of the medical services we provide. Our labs are equipped in line with the highest European technological standards and all units have advanced examination, surgical or therapeutic facilities.


3). Euromedica offers excellent services and top level hospitality. 

Our hospitals have triple-bed, double-bed and single-bed rooms, as well as suites and VIP rooms, with private telephone lines, TV and wifi access for inpatients. Our personnel is dedicated to meeting your needs and offering you care with consideration, sensitivity and professionalism.


4). Euromedica has international experience. 

With a network that covers almost 90% of Greece, Euromedica’s private hospitals’ emergency rooms provide medical care to hundreds of tourists each year. In addition, Euromedica has been the medical provider of choice of the new Libyan government in 2012, hospitalizing all people injured during the hostilities, but also all people in need of advanced medical care that could not be found in Libya.


5). Euromedica has lower costs and no waiting lists. 

Euromedica can offer you certified and high quality medical services in its high standards facilities at prices that are notably lower than in other European countries. In addition, we have no waiting lists. All you need to do before arriving to Greece and Euromedica, is contact our International Department to make the necessary arrangements. 

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